Thank you for visiting our site. There is no other advertising resource in the world that offers our large collection of TV commercials from the late 70's, 80's,or 90's,

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Our older 3/4 inch U-Matic videotape masters have held up fairly well during the past decades which helps us provide you with the best possible video quality available. We began monitoring and collecting TV Ads in 1975 in midtown Manhattan. Years before the introduction of VHS tape, USATVADS utilized broadcast quality 3/4inch U-Matic tape to preserve the important advertising image and sound. We never sacrificed our quality then and now. Our older masters were much higher resolution than VHS. Because of this asset our U-Matic masters have held up in imagery. Due to our service pricing . Please feel comfortable ordering from our secure shopping center for TV commercials. If you need assistance please fill out or contact form or you can call us at 212 202 1444. We accept Pay Pal.

More than One Million TV Ads on file since 1975

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